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About Us


We're warehouse people, too

We have a deep warehouse heritage and in-depth, first-hand experience with the development and evolution of warehouse automation. Our founders were early adopters of robotics technology to improve warehouse productivity. They quickly discovered what robots are capable of doing – and what they can’t do. It’s what inspired us to engineer something better.

Meet the Team

The New Approach to
eCommerce Fulfillment

Our powerful and intelligent autonomous solution breaks out of the limitations of capital intensive, grid-based automation systems. It’s a solution that truly meets the evolving needs of today’s more complex and demanding e-commerce fulfillment environments.

Robots Empowering People

We also understand the importance of having robots that work collaboratively with workers, not replace them. Robots that are able to work safely alongside the people instead of having to keep people out of the way.

The result is a simple solution with the right mix of power and flexibility to handle the challenges of your growing product inventory, volume, and fulfillment speeds.

Empowering People for Optimal Warehouse Operation

Locus Robotics’ innovative solution makes it easy to optimize your warehouse operation, respond to e-commerce volume growth, and manage seasonal peaks while giving you control over your labor costs.

LocusBots operate safely alongside people, making them more efficient and effective compared to traditional order fulfillment systems.

Workers are able to fulfill more orders with less labor without the need to reconfigure or disrupt your warehouse.

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Let’s talk about your operation and how Locus can help you achieve your goals, today and into the future.