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ABB Optical, an optical healthcare facility, needed to improve their warehouse productivity, and evaluated several options, including pick-to-light systems and A-frame automatic dispensers. They chose Locus Robotics to help design a greenfield site deployment optimized for improved efficiency, quick implementation speed, and cost-efficiency. LocusBots helped workers improve their average UPH/person to 250+, with some exceeding 500 UPH. In addition, ABB Optical also improved their order accuracy rate from ~95% to 98%.
Quick and easy integration and deployment, along with Locus’s flexibility helps Barrett exceed customer expectations. The ability to leverage the WMS, the way it’s designed to work has been really incredible. The integration has been very flexible.
AMRs have revolutionized the Bluegrass workflow, setting the pace for their team members. Their robots take the most efficient path and proactively alert the team to delays.
Boots is the UK’s leading health and beauty supplier. With Locus Robotics, they’re able to get the right stock to the right customer at the right time. At the same time, warehouse associates no longer have to pull heavy carts or trolleys and walk long distances. The LocusBots take away all of that walking, so associates can focus on picking. We can check on our system performance at any time of day from anywhere in the world and it allows us to react to that dynamically. Moving workforce where needed and where we might have to move stock to support that pick operation.
Brother Gearmotors, the supplier of motors for LocusBots, wanted to improve their warehouse productivity. They worked with Saddle Creek Logistics, who runs their day-to-day warehouse operations, and chose Locus Robotics for durability and dependability. With Locus, Brother and Saddle Creek increased the number of SKUs picked per hour from 30 SKUs previously to 80-100 SKUS per hour.
Cardinal Health services the healthcare industry for pharmaceutical and medical device. They support their customers with their own products as well as other national brands which they distribute from their facilities.
The Locus solution has helped the human associates with lessened exertion, flexibility, and more. “The robots have enabled our associates to be cross-trained in other different environments, and we’ve seen promotions as a result,”
Discover how CEVA Logistics is using LocusBots to enable future growth at its warehouses in The Netherlands – fully integrated with their WMS, flexible and seamlessly scalable – maximizing picking output.
Recognizing the need to alleviate employee strain while meeting service level agreements and accuracy benchmarks, Concordance sought out an innovative new approach through the use of AMRS
Locus delivers consistent, high performance warehouse fulfillment for DHL and its global retail customer. DHL leverages Locus Robotics’ seamless integration with their Manhattan Warehouse Management System for streamlined operations, increased productivity and fulfillment accuracy.
Exceeding the needs DSV’s cosmetics customer same day eCommerce fulfillment as well as B2B shipments to their stores.

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In anything that we do for UPS Healthcare, we obviously make sure that we don't create any risk for our customer or their end customer. That must be number one. We have a validation process to make sure we don't create any risk and our processes function properly before we begin deployment into actual production.
Chad Wells

Senior Operations Manager

UPS Healthcare

We looked at A-frame automatic dispenses and pick-to-light systems, but space constraints were a factor. One of my colleagues knew someone in the automotive industry that used LocusBots, so we went to see them, and it just made sense for our warehouse.
Tom Calhoun

Senior Vice President of Operations

ABB Optical Group

We’ve seen UPH productivity double, which is huge to anybody operating warehouses on a costs and efficiency play.
Tony Gariety

VP of Distribution Operations


The robots are doing all of the traveling and the team is really just doing the picking. So instead of paying people to travel, we’re paying people to pick.
Theron Neese

Chief Supply Chain Officer


Having Locus Robotics on site, is firmly enhancing our ability to hit SLA on a daily basis
Adam Bialasiewicz

General Manager


Prior to the LocusBots we were at 30-40 units per hour per picker. We’re now in the range of anywhere between 120-150 units per hour.
Kristi Montgomery

VP, Innovation, Research and Development

Kenco Group

Having seen Locus Robotics used at another facility, it was a no-brainer to bring Locus here since we'd seen it used on an even larger scale.
Austin Feagins

Senior Director of Customer Solutions

Staci Americas