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Flexible Fulfillment and Automation Solutions that Scale

With the Locus Robotics robots-as-a-service (RaaS) subscription model, you can take your warehouse operations from 100 bots in 90,000 square feet to 1,000 bots in 1 million square feet easily, without missing a beat in servicing your customers.

Solutions that Scale for Your Enterprise Warehouse Operation

Whenever you need to add more capacity or need to meet a seasonal volume spike, just add bots! We ship them to you – just unbox, power up, and go. Each new LocusBot immediately downloads the complete warehouse inventory status, SKUs, item locations, and efficient travel routes, while helping your workers maximize their throughput and efficiency.

Flexibility to Change With You

Move and test bots across multiple sites. Scale up or down to handle peaks and volume changes with fewer additional workers and no lengthy implementations. Add new bots to an existing fleet in minutes. Change the makeup of your fleet between Origin and Vector when new processes demand it.

Scale Effortlessly Whenever You Need It

Locus lets you quickly and seamlessly add new capacity as your needs grow or when you have seasonal volume spikes. There’s no special configuration, complex coding, or complicated setup required. Whether scaling up or down, RaaS makes it easy.

No Infrastructure Changes

LocusBots navigate the same environments that humans do with no infrastructure changes, doubling or tripling productivity within the same footprint. The lightweight design allows them to safely operate closely alongside workers, even in mezzanine configurations.

Flexible Robot Configurations

Versatility is what makes Locus the leader in warehouse robotics. The LocusBots can be configured to work with virtually any type of tote, box, bin, or container needed. The built-in accessory port lets you add specialized hardware and peripherals for even more functionality.

Ready To Get Started?

Let’s talk about your operation and how Locus can help you achieve your goals, today and into the future.