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Mezzanine Management


Increase Your Picking Space in the Same Footprint

Intelligently orchestrate fulfillment tasks across multiple levels in pick towers and mezzanines for maximum throughput.

Locus makes multi-level mezzanine management easy and efficient. You’ll have full visibility and insight across all floors with Locus’s fully-integrated and rich reporting dashboards, helping you actively monitor productivity rates and workflows – in real-time – from anywhere 24/7.

Directed Pick and Pass for Optimal Throughput

Locus’s intelligent algorithm clusters picks/tasks on initiating floor for density and efficiency, designating optimal pick containers that will travel across levels to fulfill the entire order.

When picks on initiating level are complete, LocusBots will travel to a pick-and-pass station to drop off work that needs to be transported to a new level for the next task.

Mezzanine Management

End-to-End Workflow Management

Connect the Locus solution to your WMS as well as other automation, including takeaway conveyors, slides, putwalls, etc.

Real-time Visibility

Access a real-time view of activity on each floor as well as productivity rates, incomplete work, and more throughout your vertical warehouse.

Flexible & Adaptable

Dynamically configure bottom-up and top-down workstreams to match your workflows, add mezzanine levels, turn stations on/off, and reassign LocusBots across levels.

Seamless Handoff

Easily integrate handoffs to conveyors, slides, putwalls, and configure drop-offs at packing stations. Even pick to outbound cartons to eliminate added packout steps.

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