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Our Multi Robot System

LocusBots Enable Humans and Robots to Work Together

When humans and AMRs work together, everybody wins. LocusBots are autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) help to human workers optimize warehouse tasks. AMRs are safer than fixed automation and reduce the physical burden on workers by more than half, while at the same time doubling or tripling productivity. Less walking, effortless task fulfillment, and safer surroundings contribute to a better work environment, leading to greater employee satisfaction and higher retention.

The Right Bot for the Right Role

Locus Origin and Vector form a comprehensive family of AMRs for a broad range of warehouse use cases, from ecommerce, case-picking and pallet-picking to scenarios requiring larger, heavier payloads.

Decoupling Humans and Robots

Freed from being stuck at a pick station, hauling a heavy cart, or trudging behind a slow “follow-bot,” each associate instead interacts with multiple cobots, dramatically improving productivity and order cycle times.

Higher Throughput

By design, a collaborative, multi-bot solution focuses on optimizing each autonomous mission for velocity, density, and throughput, helping you get orders out the door faster.

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