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User Interface

Easy to Use Robot Interface Enables Better
Human-Robot Collaboration

Worker training is as simple as pick, touch, and go using LocusBot’s user-friendly, easy to read, tablet-based robot user interface. The UI supports a wide range of languages to speed workflow and minimize errors, switching instantly to a worker’s preferred language when they interact with it. The on-board, integrated scanner confirms the correct item, ensuring near-100% accuracy for both pick and put operations.

User friendly Robotic interface Augments Existing Workflows

Depending on your preferred workflows, the Locus robot UI is also available on mobile devices, and the LocusOne platform supports additional accessories such as wearable barcode scanners for even faster task completion.

Shorter Training Times

The Locus interface is so intuitive, new associates can be ready to work in minutes and productive from day one.

Multi-Language Support

The LocusBot multi-language display makes it easier for workers to pick faster and more accurately by seamlessly switching the large, easy-to-read display to each worker’s preferred language.

Improved Productivity

There’s no wasted time to manually log-in or scan a badge –LocusBots detect workers instantly via Bluetooth.

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