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Directed Robotic Picking Solutions

Locus’s innovative directed picking robots optimize worker productivity by actively directing workers to their next pick location. Directed Picking eliminates non-value-added roaming or patrolling of aisles. Instead, LocusOne visually guides workers to their next closest pick opportunity, reducing lost time for repetitive decision making and minimizing unproductive walk time.

Maximized Picking Productivity

LocusBots assist workers in completing discrete picking, each picking, case picking, and batch picking orders for optimized efficiency. Interleaved tasks include putaway and inventory counting.

Warehouse Picking the Locus Robotics Way

Workers set their own picking pace for higher pick rates

Directed Picking eliminates the burden of pushing heavy manual carts and the limitations of slower motorized cart systems by letting workers pick at their own pace. With Locus Robotics, workers can achieve significantly higher UPH and LPH rates with less walking and more time on task.

Integrated, multi-language display

LocusBots improve picking accuracy even more by automatically switching the on-screen language to match each worker’s preference. This dramatically reduces the training needed for new, temporary, and seasonal workers – everyone can be productive almost immediately.

Order picking that’s intuitive, natural, and simple

Locus's order picking robot has a clear user interface, making picking easier and faster. The easy-to-read, intuitive graphics and task prompts guide workers through the entire pick process. By actively directing them to the precise location of their next each, case, or batch pick, workers spend more time picking and less time walking.

Pick to the Right Container

Our team works with you to outfit your fleet of LocusBots with the best container to fit your products, picking styles, and workflows. The LocusBots can even accommodate special requirements like extra-wide dimensions, stacked bins, or multiple platforms.

Ready To Get Started?

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